An Ode to the Comments Section

“First,” sings the oldest voice, towering over the rest,
His message simple and eloquent, invariably the best.

An imitator duplicates the text, but this time below.
The internet does not allow this, and rightly tells him so.

Underneath, the finest philosophical minds debate;
Atheism, Christianity. An infinite argument, both teams irate.

“Your God isn’t real”, “Yours doesn’t exist”;
Were there a point to the discussion, it were sadly missed.

“How can has the codes for website?” asks one confused soul.
Nobody understands him, and he never achieves his goal.

Bieber love, One Direction enamour,
Unrelated to the article, the fanpeople clamour.

A cacophony of support requests, a harmony of sorrow,
Asking for SEO help, praying for a dofollow.

One lone person, hidden in the noise, but in clear detail,
Asks a serious question, all to no avail.

“Thank you for this post,” says one kind dear.
“It was very useful. Now, please click here.”

And finally, the trolls, emerging from their cave,
Send our humble post’s comments to an early grave.

The human’s work is done, and so they lay their hand.
Cheap handbags PRADA online steps in, to take the stand.

But not to be outdone, makes his retort.
The button is there to reply, but not there to report.

A fierce back-and-forth of brands, dodgy links sent underhand;
Spoken in a language no human could understand.

With any hope of redemption dead and decomposed,
A button is solemnly pressed, and: comments are closed.