I forgot to write an article.

With the new version of my blog, I had personally set myself a challenge: every week, I would write and design an art-directed piece of content; it was going great. Until I started watching Breaking Bad, that is. Anyway, to keep with my goals, I thought I’d let you, the people, write my blog for me. So, all you gotta do is edit the content in the box on the right. Enjoy!

Looking at the circumstances, I thought it'd be a good idea to jump. I wasn't quite sure how to deal with the idea of me thinking such ridiculous thoughts. Never in my life have I thought about giving up, and so I thought again but before I could - the smoke coursed through my dry lips and an even drier throat into my lungs. I was going to die in this building if I didn't jump. I don't even know what happen, or if it'll be worth it to jump. It happened like one would describe a car crash. I heard what sounded like a thunder bolt. I knew this wasn't the case because it might have been the clearest September day. Everything was perpetual. The screams, the flames and the vibration that the impact caused. I try and look down the side of the building from the window on the north side where my office is. I see flames, and I see smoke. Upon further observation, I saw more. I saw the helicopters circling. Some people were running away -- some were standing. Standing looking up in awe at the events they've just seen. Are they seeing me like I'm seeing them? I can see their faces; them faces. Etched in my mind at the most impressionable state. I will never forget them faces. It seems ridiculous to think about it now. I knew at that moment I am alone, and everyone is watching. Is rescue on it's way? Is anyone coming to save me? I felt like yelling this, but I knew no one would hear. I was alone on the 108th floor of 1 WTC.

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