Revolutionizing the way you revolutionize email.

MailappApp lets you quickly and hipsterly create another mail app, because that’s totally what everyone wants.

Circle avatars

We know you. You like to put a face to emails. It’s a shame those faces are all cut off by circles.

Queues by standard

Nobody likes getting their apps straight away, so you can add waiting lists to use your app.

In the cloud

A good app is an app that’s 30,000 feet in the air, apparently.


Wait, did we say iOS? We meant iPhone 5 only. No-one else has any other device, right?


We only support one type of webmail service that has a million email clients, and nothing else.


Skeuomorphic design is good. Flat design is better. Slightly not flat design is even betterer. It’s your pick.

Still in beta

We only know Greek letter, and we’re sticking with it. Is it pronounced bay-ta or beet-ah?

Proxima Nova yay

Typography is a lot easier when you just use Proxima Nova. So we’re just using Proxima Nova.