Wettthr The most beautiful way to waste 69p
  • No need to go outside

    It’s scary out there, what with nature and all that. Luckily, you can see the weather without even having to acknowledge it exists.
  • Tell your friends about it

    What good is complaining about the weather if you can’t bug people about it? That’s why we designed half a Skype call screen.
  • Wait, it’s a social network?

    Facebook is nice for sharing, but it’s not ideal. And apparently ours is a social network for some reason.
  • Knows where you live

    We use your location to tell you local weather reports and definitely not to stalk you or anything like that.
  • State-of-the-art

    Using geolocated HTML9 with iOS6 maps, we can determine whether or not it’s actually raining outside.
  • Only works when sunny

    In order to ensure the app is fast and small, Wettthr only runs when it’s sunny outside.
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